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Nov 2019
Zechariah and John the Baptist

When we go to church after a long week, facing challenges in our life, we seek comfort, peace and rest in our mind, heart, body and thoughts. And we also seek forgiveness from the Almighty one to wash our hearts, receive His spiritual food – His body and blood – and we can charge our mind. So, we can go through the new week strong, facing our life without any fear. This is what the church is about. And so, the church prepares readings, and we can see the feasts, memorials and......

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Nov 2018
From Father Andrew Bahhi: Waiting Patiently on the Lord

A lot of time we talk about God and people think he is up in heaven and we are here on earth. And we don’t know if he hears us, especially for those things we really need dearly in our life. Then we feel there is a distance between us and him, and slowly our spiritual feeling becomes harsh, and we don’t feel his presence anymore. But remember — The Bible says he is always with us, and he said he will be with us all the days of our life and......

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