Tag: Pentecost

Jul 2019
Being Good Disciples of Jesus

Our life is a journey, not only a station. Our everyday journey is to work on our life to be ready to inherit the kingdom of God. We all as a church, people of God and the sacred body of Christ on earth, are to grow together spiritually and go to the same place for the eternal life. In the readings after the Pentecost, Jesus gives the disciples the information they need to continue their journey. Jesus Christ himself, by giving order to the disciples, sent them to give His order to......

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May 2019
From Father Andrew Bahhi: Renew Yourself with Jesus

We are continuing to celebrate the time after the resurrection of Jesus until he ascends to heaven. At this time of the year, through all the songs and prayers, we are reminded that he can bring you comfort and victory over all your bad circumstances. In John 21: 1-14, we read about the third time Jesus appeared to his disciples. And this happened while 7 of them were trying to fish, but they could not catch anything. And by the morning they saw Jesus on the shore. And John announced, “He is......

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May 2018
From Father Andrew Bahhi: Pentecost & Receiving the Holy Spirit

We celebrate the Pentecost as the day of the coming of the Holy Spirit over the disciples. Jesus reminded them to stay in Jerusalem first until the Holy Spirit comes. He fulfilled his promise. That’s why we believe he is with us now, or we are talking with him through your prayers or the sermon. Pentecost is Greek for “Fifty” — After 50 days of Jesus being raised from the dead we received the Holy Spirit. In that day, the church was consecrated when the disciples received the Holy Spirit and the......

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