Tag: Feast of the Holy Cross

Sep 2021
Feast of the Holy Cross

This week we celebrate the feast of the discovery of the Holy Cross. I pray we can be protected, blessed, and be under the protection of the cross. When you see the cross you feel safe, and not scared for yourself. When we sign the cross over ourselves and do anything with the sign of the cross, we should feel protected and blessed. Before Christ, the sign of the cross was a sign of shame and curse, a very bad punishment, and a sign of death. And after Christ, it was something......

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Sep 2018
The Feast of the Holy Cross

On September 14, we celebrated the feast of the discovery of the Holy Cross. We all have an opportunity to go to heaven, not because of the cross itself, but because Jesus put himself on the cross, the sign of victory. We feel we are protected by the power of the cross. The cross has blessings. In the 4th century, there was Helen the mother of the emperor Constantine. She was the daughter of a Syriac priest. She had a wish that she can find the cross one day. And after she......

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