Ambassadors for Christ: January 10, 2021

January 10, 2021

Sunday sermon led by Father Andrew Bahhi.

Spiritual Delay, the Greatest Disease of All: August 23, 2020

Speaker: Father Andrew Bahhi
August 23, 2020

Father Andrew encourages us to avoid any procrastination or delay when it comes to our spiritual life, and to seek repentance.

Assumption of the Virgin Mary: August 16, 2020

Speaker: Father Saliba Kassis
August 16, 2020

Father Saliba teaches us how the Virgin Mary is a role model for us all.

The Transfiguration of Christ: August 9, 2020

Speaker: Mor Dionysius John Kawak
August 09, 2020

Learn how to be on higher ground, as told by His Eminence Mor Dionysius John Kawak

Love Rises Above all Divisions: July 26, 2020

July 26, 2020

Father Andrew reads from the Song of Love in the Bible to encourage us to overcome the divisions in our life.

Serving God Through Forgiveness: July 19, 2020

Speaker: Father Saliba Kassis
July 19, 2020

Father Saliba Kassis leads us in this week’s Sunday sermon with lessons on forgiveness in Luke 17:1-4

Jesus Feeds the Multitudes: July 5, 2020

Speaker: Shamosho Imad Syryany
July 05, 2020

Shamosho Imad Syryany gives us 3 reasons Matthew 14’s reading about the multitudes is important now.

Feast of the Disciples, Peter & Paul: June 28, 2020

Speaker: Father Saliba Kassis
June 28, 2020

As Father Saliba notes, it is a great blessing in our life to have this memorial in our church, an apostolic church.