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Rest with the Lord on the sabbath day
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Resting with the Lord

We thank God today because when He created the universe, the Bible said on the last day God rested. And by doing this, God taught us people, who He created in His image and likeness,...

September 29, 2019
Pharisees and Sadducees - Syriac Orthodox Church
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Being True to Our Spirit

I was reading a story about a father who wanted to find out how smart his two sons are, and how well he raised them. He gave the same amount of money to both of...

September 22, 2019
Discovery of the Holy Cross
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The Discovery of the Holy Cross

Happy feast of discovery of the Holy Cross. We thank Him because the sign of the cross was before a curse – the Old Testament said that those who are cursed are hung on wood,...

September 15, 2019
Give from your heart Assyrian Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary
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How to give from your heart

Whenever we begin our prayer, we should give thanks to the almighty one because he gave us His life. When He died on the cross, He taught us the ultimate giving, and forgiving, is based...

September 08, 2019
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